General Questions about Rideshare Public Liability

See some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Be advised the questions and answers are general in nature.

Public liability insurance is designed to give you invaluable protection against damage or accidents caused to third parties, as well as their belongings. You won’t usually find this type of cover included as part of your existing insurance policy, so it’s important to consider adding it on to ensure that you and your business are protected against any claims made by passengers.

Many drivers are unaware that a passenger’s safety and well-being is still their responsibility whilst the passenger is getting in and out of their vehicle.
Cost is determined based on the information you provide. You can get an instant quote by obtaining a public liability ridesharing online quote
If it is an emergency you should call 000. Claims can be lodged by emailing us at or calling our office on 1800 97 98 99
We can not provide you with any tax advice, however once you talk to an accountant you will likely fund your insurance will be tax deductible.

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