Public Liability Insurance for Ridesharing

Why People Choose Rideshare Liability

We specialise in providing insurance solutions to rideshare drivers.

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We won't have you frustrated waiting for insurance documents.

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Backed by a Broker

In the event of an unforseen claim, you'll have a broker to support you through the claim process.

Why do I need Public Liability?

Public Liability covers your legal responsibility for loss or injury you might inflict on a Third Party or to their property.
There are a few reasons why you require Public Liability:
  • Provides protection against claims that you, as a driver, may be found liable for
  • To prevent the financial difficulties you could get into as a result of an incident
  • Motor vehicle legal liability will not cover your drivers activities
Claims can vary in nature, and ridesharing liability will cover you for a broad range of incidents. Common claims include: You open your car door and hit a cyclist causing injury, Close the boot onto your customers fingers, Passenger gets hurt whilst getting in or out of your vehicle
Airports, hotels and event arenas require drivers to carry Public Liability Insurance, and failing to comply to these guidelines may result in restricted access to your clients.

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